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Welcome to 300DC

300DC is a group where aesthetics, fitness, and costuming become one. Our purpose is to accurately recreate and represent the characters of the “300” films, through both screen-accurate physiques and costumes. Then, celebrate our achievements at DragonCon by marching as a group for a Friday night “Reveal” and participating in the Saturday DragonCon parade. While members attend other conventions, our largest gathering is Labor Day weekend in Atlanta.

This Is Who We Are
We are workout enthusiasts who have a love of costuming and all things that nerd-dom represents. As a group we worship at the temple of iron and metal. We are a group who celebrates the journey and the process of creating aesthetic physiques, and fosters camaraderie through pushing ourselves physically and mentally to be bigger and better every single year. We are never satisfied. We are 300DC.

This Is What We Do
We provide a community of like-minded individuals to share their progress and their fitness journey, and motivate each other through actions not words. Though all are welcome at 300DC, not all are ready to step into this arena. While we respect everyone at whatever stage of their fitness journey they may be, our group is perhaps not the best place to begin that journey. We are supportive, but we are not a support group. We are not here to be a source of motivation or accountability. We expect and respect self-discipline and personal accountability, and adding value not merely taking a share of the glory. Those who join should already be possessed of these traits. We are not trainers. While we love to share our approaches and our individual thoughts on fitness and nutrition, we do not provide training programs, nutrition plans, or any official programs/plans of any type, and none of our advice should be pursued without consulting a credentialed professional.